Birthdays, Cupcakes, and FHL for Kids

Written by Mark Lojeski - co-founder of Faith Hope & Love

It would be hard for anyone to say that the world is the same place today as it was in April of 2019.  I don’t remember a year ago, having to wait in line because there were already 40 people in our local Walmart. Or holding my breath as a coworker walked by for a reason other than body odor.  How about adults wondering when they would be ungrounded? Of course, a year ago we did not live in a COVID-19 world. 

My wife and I have three grandchildren   All three grandchildren would have had birthday celebrations in April and May. One has to wonder if we will be holding presents out to them, while standing on a porch, looking at them through a window. Wondering, do they understand why we’re standing here like a couple dolts? 

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  Reality sets in fast for most in tough times. My wife is usually one of the first. As CEO of our nonprofit Faith Hope & Love, she was ready in March to bring birthday gifts to the newest and veterans of the, “We’ll just wait till next year when things are better club”. 
This year “Happy Birthday” is not as hot a song as is “It’s a Hard Knock Life”. 
 Just picture a curly red head singing while she walks with her rather smelly looking dog. 


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<p>Description automatically generatedSo far in a month Faith Hope & Love has provided 20 gifts for kids who have had their birthday parties, with families and/or friends, canceled. Now these gifts may not be the next bright shiny thing, or the great big Whatchamacallit. But new they are and not a little shabby Thingamajig from the dollar store either. 
  Children in crisis who find lacking is the norm, may now be lacking even more. But we do our best to make their birthday, and the birthdays of children impacted by COVID-19; a better day. So maybe we can change the tune back to “Happy Birthday”, leaving “It’s A Hard Knock Life” to the movies. 


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